Providing Dedicated, Experienced
and Affordable Legal Services to
Nonprofit Organizations

Flat Fee Services

Formation Services for Nonprofits

1.  Initial consultation with attorney in person or on telephone to determine viability of project and feasibility of pursuing tax exemption application, as well as compatibility of client and attorney.  This consultation is without charge or obligation.

2.  Approval and execution of Attorney’s Services and Fee Agreement.

3.  In depth discussions in person, on telephone, or by email to supply necessary data and to map out strategy, responsibilities, timing, and similar matters.

4.  Continuing counsel and interaction with client in order to present the most complete and accurate submissions reasonably possible.


1.  Name availability search, clearance and reservation.

2.  Preparation and filing of Articles of Incorporation.

3.  Preparation of Bylaws.

4.  Preparation of draft minutes of First Meeting of Directors.

5.  Preparation of Conflicts of Interest Policy statement with Affirmation Statement for each   director

6.  Preparation of on-line application for Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Federal Application for Recognition of Exemption

1.  Review of financial data, including historical data (if any) and proforma operations.

2.  Preparation of Federal Application for Recognition of Exemption, Form 1023, including narrative and other explanatory information, as well as Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative, IRS Form 2848, in order for attorney to represent client with IRS regarding any questions or problems in connection with Form 1023 or related matters.

California State Filings

1.  Preparation of Federal Tax Exempt notification with California Franchise Tax Board

2.  Preparation of Initial Registration with California Attorney General, Registry of Charitable Trusts.

3.  Assistance with Secretary of State Statement of Information.

Legal Fees

1.  Flat fee for all the above services is $1,500.

2.  Payment $500 upon execution of attorney’s agreement, and the balance on delivery of documents.

Filing fees

1.  California Incorporation, Secretary of State Filing Fee $35.00

2.  Federal Application for Recognition of Exemption, Form 1023 $850.00

         (unless anticipated annual revenues of $10,000 or less, then $400)

3.  Franchise Tax Board filing fee       -0- 

4.  California Attorney General, Registry of Charitable Trusts     $25.00

Total Filing Fees: $905.00

Filing Process

After Client review and approval, Attorney will submit all documents to client in attorney’s  office or by mail service, with complete filing instructions and ready for signatures and mailing.